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Fun Anthropology
Welcome to the website of “Fun Anthropology Research Center/SEISHIN TANREN”!

We are a non-profit organization located in Chisinau, Moldova (see map). The organization was created by a group of anthropologists in Moldova in 2003 and is currently run by Aleksey Romanchuk, (see CV) lecturer in anthropology at the “High Anthropological School” University in Chisinau, Moldova.

We invite you to join us for our summer field school, which take place in the village of Bulaiesty, Moldova. The program is intended for students and professionals in the field of anthropology who would like to increase their knowledge of Balkan archaeology and the anthropology of post-socialist Moldova. Please see below link for detailed information program information (Our projects).

We believe that new century needs new approaches in education. So, our philosophy is:

“Some people come to us in search of knowledge. Some people thirst for marvelous impressions and new friends.

So, we strive for our guests to find with us this very thing. The thing they were looking for.

Those who are fond of archaeology will find the whole bouquet of delights. The admirers of intellectual rest will gain the possibility to discuss the ideas of Kluchohn and Binford, Paulo Coelho and Richard Bach. Those for whom tea becomes tea only with camp-fire smoke will find a camp-fire and a warm company. Connoisseurs of astonishing landscapes will go hiking to the most unusual places at any time of day and night. Those who look for ethnographic exotics will be able to become familiar with routine and ritualized life of an unusual country situated on the junction of the Balkans and Great Euro-Asian steppes.

Perhaps, anthropology might be studied in small and stuffy rooms and lecture-halls. But it is only experiencing anthropology that can be both truly pleasing and truly useful for a person.

And most importantly, we are convinced that the most serious science and the most entertaining game can not just coexist. Today they must be hand in glove. Today, by definition, the two must go together. Anthropology must be fun.

This is the ability to play, to play like a child that a contemporary person lacks. People can perceive all the mysteries of archaeology and anthropology. But neither spade nor trowel can replace for them love and kindness. This is the most important thing that we learnt by ourselves. And this is what we want to teach others. We’ll be extremely happy if every guest finds here first of all love and kindness.

Our motto is “I’m not a magician, I’m only studying”. Let’s study together. Let’s study to live playing.

Join the company of cheerful anthropologists”.

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